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Download Legal Contracts and Agreements for Thailand

Isaan Lawyers is now offering a new download services if you need contracts for Thailand. You can save a lot of money but modifying yourself templates drafted by registered Thai attorneys. These contracts are provided at low fees with instructions. If you are looking for a usufruct agreement in Thailand, just click on the link. […]

The New Six Month Thai Visa for Tourists

Like any other country, Thailand is looking to improve its economy. Lately, The Tourism and Sports Ministry has been promoting a new plan that hopes to increase tourism in the land of smiles. As a highly regarded tourist destination, Thailand is willing to take a step forward and invest in this vital sector of the […]

Land Titles in Thailand

  If you think about buying a land title in Thailand and become an owner, you should look behind the breath-taking landscape and consult a specialized lawyer. This will make you sure that you will not have any problems with the law and you will be able to benefit 100% from your acquisition.   In […]