Divorce in Thailand

           In Thailand, the divorce can be of two kinds: the contested and the uncontested one. Before starting any operations regarding divorce, it is better to consult a lawyer office so as not to be mistaken or misinformed. Thus, the uncontested divorce is cheaper and is also called ‘administrative’. Most people who reach consensus prefer it because it is direct and does not last that long. The condition is that both husband and wife are personally present when advancing the divorce request. The operation takes place at a local Registry Court and there is no lawsuit involved.

When the couple can’t reach a mutual agreement, the contested or judicial divorce happens, implying a trial. Most such separations are caused by child custody fights and property right disagreements, or in case the court needs to intervene. Thailand’s fast exposure as a touristic destination results in more and more marriages between a local and a foreigner. But cultural and linguistic differences often lead to unavoidable separations. It is very important for foreigners to be careful when it comes to the uncontested divorce, which is almost always suggested by Thai people, because this type of marriage ending is not recognized in all countries. Once again, a foreigner needs to draw on a divorce lawyer’s knowledge. Otherwise, problems may occur when the person tries to remarry in another country.