Land Titles in Thailand


If you think about buying a land title in Thailand and become an owner, you should look behind the breath-taking landscape and consult a specialized lawyer. This will make you sure that you will not have any problems with the law and you will be able to benefit 100% from your acquisition.


In Thailand there are five types of Land Title deeds which refer to the evidence of owning the land, your possession rights and all the other concerns regarding that land.


Land Deed This legal document must be registered at the Land Department office from the area where the land is situated and offers the buyer the guarantee of full rights over it. Nor Sor 4 is considered to be the safest category of title deed, including a legal description of the teritory and its borders (concrete details – using satellite images). 
Nor Sor 3 Gor The title assignes the land to a holder, but the borders are not yet completely certain. After signing the land title, a final official evaluation is mandatory. This will be made by the land department and will establish the official markers (through concrete posts). Nor Sor 3 Gor can mortgaged, transffered or even sold, but only once the owner completes a request to the Land Department. The land title can be changed to Chanot. 
Nor Sor 3 This legal document offers an ownership that is moderately determined. In this situation, the Land Department has never done any measurements or recognized officially the land boundaries. The main problem of this land title is that the boundaries are not measured precisely and can lead to disputes or other legal practices. 
Possessory Right Document applied for the rights of inherited land that can only be demonstrated with the administrative office’s tax payments. This land title is very simple and therefore not one of the strongest. 
Sor Por Kor 4-01 Document that represents the land that is given by the government to the underprivileged families for agricultural use, normally found outside the urban areas. The holder has limited habitation use and it is not easy for a person without Thai nationality to obtain an interest. 
Sor Tor Gor Legal document that permits using a national forest land temporary. This document is issued by the forest department and cannot be sold. 


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